Emilio is a bilingual therapist committed to excellence in all aspects of counseling and psychotherapy. He believes that individuals are healthy when they have the right tools and mindset to deal with life’s circumstances and stressors.

Individuals often learn certain behaviors that, while useful at a certain point in their lives, can become a barrier to achieving fulfillment later in life.

Emilio helps individuals identify these behaviors and replace them with new behaviors that improve the quality of their lives. He believes that relationships are healthy and strong when partners understand, appreciate, and celebrate each other. He works to discover underlying themes contributing to patient concerns and then is able to tailor therapy to each individual person or couple for greater success. He believes that each person brings a unique combination of strengths to the therapy process.

Emilio specializes in a variety of therapy modalities.

Emilio Jimenez, LPC | Aura MD | Teletherapy

Ashley Toutounchi, MD

Board certified physician
Dr. T’s main goal at Aura MD is to ensure each patient receives premier medical treatment.

Brandon Provost, NP

Board certified nurse practitioner

Brandon strongly believes in being an advocate for his patients as a quality, outcome-driven practitioner.

Taeler Morris, PA

Board certified physician assistant

Taeler forms a trusted alliance with her patients to ensure you feel comfortable and respected.

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