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Adult Psychiatrist for Women in Texas

About 1 in 5 women in the US suffer from at least one mental health issue. It sounds like a large number, until you consider that mental health issues often affect a larger percentage or women as opposed to men in the same age ranges. Some of the most common mental health issues in women include depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and mood symptoms occurring during menopause.

While a large number of women suffer from these conditions, most may not be aware that these issues are treatable. This is where a Houston based psychiatrist can help!

As women, we tend to ignore our own health a bit more than we should. We’re often too busy taking care of other people to bother scheduling an annual checkup, let alone a women’s mental health checkup! We tend to push back things like adult anxiety and depression as just another part of a busy life that we need to manage, rather than treat.


Signs of Depression or Anxiety in Women

What Are the Common Causes of Mood Changes in Women?

Hormonal issues are typically the most common cause however there can be multiple other reasons.

Women are often seen as nurturers; they often find themselves focused on  the responsibility of caring for those around them   This can lead to neglect of your own care and well being and often leads women into feelings of clinical depression and anxiety. 

Seeking treatment can be overwhelming but at AuraMD we will make you feel comfortable and are here to help you get back to feeling your best.

Women’s Mental Health Treatment at Aura MD

At Aura MD, we know that treatment for mental health  is never the same for two people.

Though two individuals may have the same diagnosis, their circumstances, lifestyle and physical health can warrant very different treatment approaches.

We realize that multiple factors need to be considered while planning treatment for women with mental health issues.

We approach each patient differently. 

When you come to Dr. Ashley Toutounchi at Aura MD for treatment of common mental health issues facing women, you’re coming to a trusted psychiatrist who understands the particular care and has extensive experience tailoring your treatment plan for your specific issues of concern.

Dr. Toutounchi and her team will ensure you get the best possible care, no matter what options you choose to pursue for treatment.

Looking for help dealing with mental health conditions?

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