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Diagnosis, Treatment, & Management of ADHD in Adults

What is ADHD?

ADHD is also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is common in both children and adults. This disorder can affect a person’s memory, attention, impulsivity, and other cognitive functions.

About 11% of children and 4.4% of adults in the United States are currently reported to be living with ADHD and seeking the help of a local psychiatrist in Houston, Texas or other states.

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

4.4% is no small number; that’s over 14.5 million people! And because such a high number of adults are being diagnosed with ADHD each year – a condition that could cause roadblocks in everyday life – it is important to understand the symptoms that are most often present in someone with ADHD.

Inattention ADHD can be presented in the form of

Hyperactivity-Impulsivity ADHD can be presented in the form of

It is important to note that some patients present combination-ADHD signs and symptoms (Similar to Anxiety symptoms). Before a patient can be diagnosed with ADHD, such a person must exhibit symptoms that affect their ability to function optimally. For an adult, physicians seek to establish at least 5 symptoms of ADHD present over a period no less than 6 months before a diagnosis is confirmed.

What causes ADHD?

One of the principal factors that predispose an individual to ADHD is their genetic makeup. 

While many people believe that factors like watching television, sugar consumption, or parenting choices may also predispose an individual to ADHD, there has been no evidence to corroborate these beliefs.

The rate of diagnosis of ADHD has, however, climbed in recent years and this may be due to the increased awareness around the condition.

How Can ADHD Be Treated?

While there is no cure for ADHD and Bipolar disorders, among many other mental health disorders, there are a number of proven treatment options that may be available to help you manage your mental illness and improve your quality of life. At Aura MD, our trusted psychiatrists are dedicated to helping you not only find the right treatment options, but to understand more about your mental illness.

Aura MD offers psychiatric consultations in a comfortable and warm environment. We also offer telemed visits with our board certified psychiatrists in order to provide you with proper psychiatric care, follow up appointments, and medication refills from the comfort of your home, or on the go!

At Aura MD, we provide several options for treating adult ADHD and managing the symptoms in your daily life. These treatment options include:


Numerous medications on the market today have been created to address the common symptoms exhibited by individuals with mild to severe ADHD. Such medications are often stimulants and are fast-acting. These medications have been reported to have success in more than 80% of tested patients.

In more recent years, psychiatrists and other medical professionals have begun to explore the opportunities presented by non-stimulant based medications for treatment of ADHD symptoms in adult patients. Our practitioners will work with you to determine if medication is a good fit for your ADHD treatment, as well as discussing what varieties of medication would work best for you.

Behavioral therapy

Another common practice for treatment of ADHD that has proven effective is behavioral therapy. This treatment is more common with younger patients and is recorded as an effective treatment for those with ADHD exhibiting in destructive behaviors and depression. In these cases, behavioral therapy can help the individual to curb ‘bad’ or destructive behaviors that are working against them in their own lives and to replace these behaviors with positive habits.

Lifestyle changes

In some cases, you may find that the symptoms associated with your ADHD are abated by a change in lifestyle. For the majority of patients, a lifestyle change is not a substitute for medical and regular therapy; it is a supplement to help boost the improvements in your wellness brought on by proper management of your mental health.

Some of the lifestyle changes that you can make which can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD include:

If you are suffering from common symptoms of adult ADHD, one of the first things you can do is to book an appointment with a psychiatrist who can help you to understand the symptoms and treatment options for your mental health disorder.

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