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Our company’s goal is to help people live their best lives by providing unprecedented, confidential mental health care that empowers you to take control of their well-being.  

As the leading psychiatry doctor office, we offer customized psychiatric treatments for every patient.

Aura MD has a team of well-trained and highly-experienced treatment providers who go above and beyond to help patients conquer everyday common mental health issues.  Aura MD is a psychiatry clinic and the leader in Texas’ adult psychiatry for Adult ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety.

It is important to us that all our patients feel safe and secure when they come to us for their mental health treatment.

Dr. Ashley Toutounchi, MD


Dr. T’s main goal at Aura MD is to ensure each patient receives premier medical treatment. She specializes in Adult ADHD (or Adult ADD), depression and anxiety.

Brandon Provost, NP

Board certified nurse practitioner

Brandon strongly believes in being an advocate for his patients, to ensure each person receives the most appropriate, individualized, clinical and psychiatric treatment.

Taeler Morris, PA

Board certified physician assistant

Taeler forms a trusted alliance with her patients by working with each patient on a one on one level to provide a healthy, holistic and balanced approach.

Aya Elsaadi, PA

board certified physician assistant

Aya is part of the Aura MD team and has a dynamic focus on the personalized care and treatment of patients on an individual level.

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Dr. Ashley Toutounchi and her board certified team are excited to help you start on the path to mental wellness.