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A New Generation of Modernized Psychiatric Care with an Energetic, Professional and Refreshing Approach.

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Call our friendly team today and we provide treatment directly, anywhere in Texas.   

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Modern, Personalized healthcare.  Online booking and electronic prescriptions.

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At Aura MD, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality care.

With telemed online psychiatry appointments, Aura MD is helping patients to receive the adult psychiatric care they need without the stress or inconvenience of booking an in-person appointment. 

Let us help you make appointment setting and receiving your medications less time consuming and stressful.

We use a telemedicine platform that is user-friendly and HIPAA compliant. There are no programs or apps to download. Simply use the text link to login at your appointment time directly from your computer or smartphone.

 Telemed appointments with Aura MD make keeping up with your mental health a streamlined and seamless process.

Patient Information

  We  customize a treatment plan specifically for you.
You can either visit our clinic or book an online appointment for an online consultation.

We will also provide guidance on lifestyle changes to promote improved mental well-being.
We believe that an better daily habits combined with your comprehensive treatment plan will help achieve your highest goals.
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