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At Aura MD, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality care.

At Aura MD, we are committed to providing a personal experience for our patients with online psychiatry.

We believe that each person’s unique situation deserves an individualized treatment plan. That is what makes us different & always striving towards excellence whether treated in office or by online psychiatry appointments.

With the power of communication technology, all patients have direct and instant access to their provider at your scheduled appointment time.  You can also easily message your provider and update them on your status between appointments directly through your patient portal account.

Functioning without location restrictions, traffic or taking time off from work for your psychiatry appointment online allows you more freedom in your already busy schedule & the same high quality care you expect at Aura MD.

The Benefits of Online Psychiatry

Rather than spending the time traveling, waiting in an office and then hitting the road again on your way home, you can get the same benefits of seeing a psychiatrist in person with telemedicine. In fact, online psychiatry can give you the same mental health services from the comfort of your own home. Forget about scheduling a visit and traveling to meet with a psychiatrist — you can skip the travel and get the same great mental health help from anywhere.

From catching up on your status or to receive a refill on much-needed medications, just about anything is possible via online psychiatry. With both synchronous and asynchronous options, you can meet with a psychiatrist online in real time for talk therapy — or send a quick message through the portal to get care at everyone’s earliest convenience. 

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, Adult ADHD, OCD, bipolar or another mental health disorder, online psychiatry can help you with a treatment plan. If your needs are more acute, such as a recent life change that you’re having trouble adjusting to, addiction, negative thinking, chronic stress or constant worry, an online psychiatrist can also help.

Not only can telemedicine help reduce delays in your care, but it can also help with more convenient appointment times where you may not even need to take time off of work. By calling in from the car or at home, you’ll be able to fit your mental health needs to your life, not the other way around. 

Online psychiatry is also more cost effective than typical in-person options, and it may also be just the right option for those that are apprehensive about booking that in-person visit. Furthermore, if you live in a more rural area where the traveling can be a real burden, telemedicine makes getting the mental health services you need more feasible and effective.

With telemed online psychiatry appointments, Aura MD is helping patients to receive the adult psychiatric care you need and offers appointments remotely through telemedicine or in our office.

We also provide guidance and tips on lifestyle changes to promote improved mental well-being and your optimal wellness.
We believe that healthier daily habits combined with your comprehensive treatment plan will help you achieve your highest goals.

We customize a treatment plan specifically for you.

Let us help you make appointment setting and receiving your medications less time consuming and stressful.

Telemed appointments with Aura MD make keeping up with your mental health a streamlined and seamless process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychiatrists

Neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist is better than the other.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who typically treats common behavioral health issues with medication management.  A psychologist usually performs extensive cognitive testing, clinical research or therapy but does not have any medical training nor the ability to prescribe medications.   A psychiatrist and psychologist both use their knowledge to help patients on the path to remission and better mental health in different ways and will often work together.

From your undergraduate career to medical school and residency, it typically requires a minimum of  12 years to become a practicing psychiatrist.

If you feel that you are struggling with your mental health and you are interested in medication or treatment regimens, it may be beneficial to speak with a psychiatrist. As always, a psychiatrist will work to find a specific treatment plan that works for you as an individual.

It is very difficult to become a psychiatrist and requires years of medical and clinical trainging.  Psychiatrists are  physicians, meaning they have earned a medical degree (MD).    They must initially complete a 4 years bachelor degree program, 4 years of medical school and then typically 4-6 years of clinical training in residency prior to becoming a practicing independent psychiatrist.

After an initial evaluation, your provider will determine how often it is recommended for you to follow-up. This may range sometimes initially as frequent as a few weeks but can vary.  Once you are stable and no ongoing medication changes, Aura MD typically will plan to see our patients every 3 months for routine follow up depending on your treatment plan and progress.

Depending on what treatment options you are interested, a psychiatrist may be the right choice for you. A psychologist can be helpful in creating coping mechanisms and helping in other ways to deal with anxiety, however only a psychiatrist can prescribe medication to help with anxiety and oftentimes will recommended medication in combination with therapy with a psychologist.

Yes, psychiatrists can do therapy and will often use many kinds of psychotherapy alongside medication management in treatment regimens depending on the patient.

Yes, you can tell your psychiatrist everything. All psychiatrists and psychiatric clinicians here at Aura MD are 100% HIPAA compliant so all of your information is always kept private