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DNA Genetic Testing for Medication

Aura MD - genesight testing

At Aura MD, we are committed to helping our patients to find accurate and impactful medications that treat the symptoms of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. In order to ensure that our patients always get medications that are the best fit for their conditions and their bodies themselves, we use the GeneSight Psychotropic Test.

Our board-certified psychiatrists understand that patients often do not have the time to undergo several trial-and-error tests, sometimes for months, in search of the ideal medication to alleviate their symptoms.

GeneSight is one of the leaders in personalized genetic testing options that have been clinically validated for reliably predicting how a person will metabolize and potentially respond to specific medications.  GeneSight provides patients with necessary information on which medications they should take, or avoid if possible. Physicians can use this as an important tool in determining what reactions may be expected when prescribing certain drugs for their patients without putting them at risk of negative side effects or interactions.

This is why we offer the GeneSight Psychotropic test that analyzes the patient’s genes and how they may affect the outcome of each of the available medications for the treatment of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

The painless and non-invasive GeneSight Psychotropic test looks for Pharmacokinetic Genes and Pharmacodynamic Genes, which help our psychiatrists to understand how your body metabolizes medications, how your genes can influence your response to specific medications as well as folate and nutrient genetic metabolism which is important for adequate serotonin production.

How Does GeneSight Testing Work?

Here at Aura MD, we are committed to providing convenient, innovative, and personalized services to patients. We appreciate simplicity in all of its forms, without compromising quality, and that is why we offer a streamlined approach to achieving the DNA Genetic Testing for Psychiatric & Depression medication.

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Step One

You will receive a GeneSight kit from your Aura MD psychiatrist, which includes a swab and test tube to collect your sample.


Step Two

Use your kit to collect your DNA sample from the inside of your cheek, right in the comfort of your home; a painless and noninvasive process.

Step Three

Your psychiatrist will send your kit and review your results with you. Your psychiatrist can use these test results to address what available treatment options would best fit your circumstances.

Why Choose GeneSight Testing

GeneSight Testing is a fast way to better mental illness treatment for adults. Testing can help your psychiatrist to better pair you with treatment and medication options for issues like depression and anxiety, allowing you to start treatment sooner and without the adverse effects that come with traditional trial and error medication matching.

Contact Aura MD and Dr. Ashley Toutounchi today to find our it GeneSight Testing is right for you.

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