Adult Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosis, Treatment, & Management of Bipolar Disorder in Adults

Aura MD is a trusted provider of treatment for bipolar disorders diagnosed in adults. Our certified psychiatrists serving the Houston area have spent years developing a compassionate and welcoming environment in which we can help our patients to address the underlying causes of their mental illness and find treatment and management options that fit their unique lifestyles. One of the primary services provided by Dr. Ashley Toutounchi and the team of Aura MD is the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder, including bipolar depression in adults.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder attracts one of the worst stigmas for mental illness. There are several misconceptions about bipolar disorders – and by default a high number of incorrect self-diagnosis cases – that are still in circulation today. These misconceptions play a huge role in the worsening stigma felt by those who truly do suffer from the symptoms of bipolar disorder.
Regardless of media portrayals, bipolar disorders are not always characterized by dramatic mood swings alone. While bipolar sufferers do experience drastic mood swings, they also feel rapid fluctuations in energy and functionality. There are different types of bipolar disorder in adults treated by Aura MD, requiring clinical diagnosis. Common forms of bipolar include:

Cyclothymic Disorders

This is often characterized by manic and depressive stages. However, in cyclothymic disorders, the degree of manic and depressive stages is a lot less when compared to those experienced by bipolar people. The fluctuation in mood is experienced throughout the year.

There are several interventions, similar to treating bipolar disorders, that are employed in the treatment of this mental illness similar to treating insomnia.

Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2

Bipolar disorder can be exhibited in two different forms. Bipolar I and Bipolar II.

Patients who experience mania that lasts at least one week and depression that lasts at least two weeks are regarded to be exhibiting the signs and symptoms of Bipolar I. Mental health professionals may also classify a person who suffers a much shorter but more intense bout of the episodes as suffering from Bipolar I.

Bipolar II is characterized by a much shorter and less intense exhibition of Bipolar disorder symptoms. While the symptoms may be shorter and less intense, patients who have been diagnosed with this mental illness deserve as much attention and support as any other mental health illness.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The chief presenting symptom of bipolar disorder is manic mood swings. The patient can become so manic that they may begin to ignore some of the basic things that affect their life, health, finances, career, family, and other aspects of their lives. People who suffer from bipolar disorders may also find themselves engaged in impulsive behaviors that can put their lives as well as those around them at risk.

Patients may also experience stages of depression and depressive disorders which is on the other spectrum end of their manic behaviors. Depressive stages may often be characterized by suicidal thoughts.

Manic Symptoms associated with Bipolar Disorders
Depressive Symptoms

Testing for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorders cannot be tested for using the blood or via a scan of the brain. Instead, mental health professionals are able to clinically diagnose the condition through proper assessment of the patient in a clinical setting, which is done by interviewing the patient to establish the presence of one or more symptoms associated with cyclothymic disorders. 

Through additional scales, surveys, and questionnaire style testing, your physician can help you find a way to manage and overcome the symptoms of your bipolar disorder.

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