Anxiety Treatment

Diagnosis, Treatment, & Management of Anxiety in Adults
40 million Americans have anxiety, so know that you’re not alone.

Anxiety can manifest in many forms, requiring a personalized treatment approach. Understanding the type of anxiety you are experiencing can help you get the care that is right for you.  By nature, seeking treatment for adult anxiety can be anxiety inducing in itself, leading many individuals to forgo meeting with a Houston psychiatrist.   Our practice is centered around evidence based care and creates a supportive and comfortable environment for your care.

What is Anxiety?

Often anxiety presents as excessively worrying about things out of your control. Many patients do not even realize they have anxiety as it has been an issue most of their lives they assumed was “normal” for everyone.  In some cases you may not know what you are worried about but experience an ongoing sense of uneasiness. Anxiety can also present in different forms such as sudden onset of panic attacks, PTSD, OCD or social anxiety.

Everyone experiences symptoms of anxiety and stress from time to time. It is important to differentiate what is a normal anxious response to a stressful situation from what is treatable anxiety. 

Many people with anxiety often simply worry about the worst case scenarios, overthink everyday decisions or experience an ongoing sense of uneasiness.  This often puts you feeling  constantly on edge and difficulty with coping with daily life stressors and overwhelmed or unusually irritable. 

Symptoms of anxiety

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

At Aura MD, we have seen a wide range of conditions that lead to the anxiety symptoms.   We work hard to treat your specific anxiety symptoms with thoughtfully chosen medications for your specific symptoms and specific  coping skills to better control your anxiety.

Some of the factors that can contribute to anxiety include:

While these are the most common underlying causes for anxiety disorders that we have helped to treat at Aura MD, they are certainly not the only reasons for heightened anxiety and vary from one person to the next depending on your situation.   If you believe that you may be experiencing anxiety symptoms, book an appointment with our board certified psychiatrist and clinical providers  to discuss your treatment options.

Difference Between Anxiety And Other Issues

Anxiety is increasingly common.  It can have symptoms that commonly overlap with  depression and insomnia and has been diagnosed in more than 40 million individuals in the United States. There are varying degrees and forms of adult anxiety, requiring professional diagnosis and treatment. Aura MD has a team of experienced and certified practitioners who can help you to determine the severity of your symptoms and what medications or other treatment options, such as cognitive behavioral therapy which are best suited for your specific needs.

How Does Aura MD Diagnose Anxiety

As the first step in diagnosing any condition,  your AuraMD provider will perform a detailed initial consultation to identify your specific symptoms and how to the most effective way to get you back on track.  Our board certified psychiatric team will discuss and actively listen to your needs, goals and the best way to get you where you want to be.

Aura MD has a compassionate and experienced psychiatric team ready to answer your questions and get you back on track and feeling your best.

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