Adult Anxiety

Diagnosis, Treatment, & Management of Anxiety in Adults

As a part of our extensive list of psychiatric services, Aura MD offers diagnosis and treatment options for adults with anxiety. Anxiety can take many forms and can present itself at the worst times. By nature, seeking treatment for adult anxiety can be anxiety inducing in itself, leading many individuals to forgo meeting with a Houston psychiatrist.

What is Anxiety?

People who suffer from anxiety generally worry about things uncontrollably. Anxiety can cause a person to worry uncontrollably about even the smallest instances within their day. Over time, this continuous worry can build up into panic attacks.

Everyone experiences symptoms of anxiety, stress, anxious feelings, and nervousness from time to time. It is important to differentiate what is a common human reaction to a situation from what is clinically diagnosed as anxiety.

Those who suffer from anxiety often notice that they are worried about particular things. These could be life situations – like attending interviews or appointments – or having being out in a crowd. In some cases, a person with adult anxiety may not know what they are worried about, or be able to express their worry completely. Many of those with an anxiety disorder simply worry about negative premonitions – the worst case scenarios – putting them constantly on edge and affecting their ability to remain calm in even tepid situations.

Symptoms of anxiety

There are many common symptoms of adult anxiety, and many of them look just like the emotions that people have in a stressful or anxious situation. Some of the common signs of anxiety include:

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

At Aura MD, we have seen a wide range of conditions that lead to the development of anxiety in adult patients. We work hard to treat all manner of anxiety symptoms in our patients by helping them to find coping tools and medications that allow them to better recognize and control their anxiety when it presents itself.

Some of the factors that cause anxiety disorders to occur later in life include:

While these are the most common underlying causes for anxiety disorders that we have helped to treat at Aura MD, they are certainly not the only reasons for heightened anxiety (similar to bipolar) to occur. If you believe that you may be suffering from anxiety symptoms, book an appointment with our board certified psychiatrist in order to discuss your treatment options.

Difference Between Anxiety And Other Mental Illnesses

Anxiety is an increasingly common form of mental illness. It is similar to depression and other phobias in symptoms and presentation, and has been diagnosed in more than 40 million individuals in the United States. There are varying degrees and forms of adult anxiety, requiring professional diagnosis and treatment. Aura MD has a team of experienced and certified practitioners who can help you to determine the severity of your mental illness and what medications or other treatment options, such as continued therapy, are available to you.

How Does Aura MD Diagnose Adult Anxiety

As the first step in diagnosing any mental health condition, we at Aura MD carry out an extensive mental health screening for each of our patients. During this mental health screening, our board certified psychiatrist will discuss with you symptoms that you have been experiencing, listening to your unique situation and paying attention to your lifestyle and visible cues that can help us to determine the precise conditions impacting your mental health.

No matter what mental illness you have been struggling with, Aura MD has a compassionate psychiatrist waiting to answer your questions and guide you towards appropriate treatment options. Book your first consultation with Aura MD today.

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