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The first visit is typically an online visit with a board certified mental health expert, which usually lasts 45-60 minutes. Your provider will perform a full initial evaluation likely with a much better patient experience than what you've received from other providers. 🙌


We do not cut corners or skip any important aspects of a full initial  evaluation.  We are concise and create individualized treatment plans to help you meet your goals.  That being said, we also do not perform excessive evaluation steps such as requiring all patients to come to multiple visits before making a diagnosis, performing neuropsychiatric evaluations or use computer based tests.

No, not at all 👌

We often see patients who haven't seen a mental health provider previously.  We also accept patients who are wanting to transfer care from their current psychiatrist or mental health provider or patients that have a prior history of seeing a mental health professional consistently in the past.

We can diagnose and treat your current issues without any history of prior treatment.  

Your safety is very important to us.

  • If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency department
  • Text Contact:   The Crisis Text Line provides 24 hour assistance and confidential. Text HOME to 741-741 to connect with someone immediately
  • Call Contact:  You can always reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK to reach a live mental health professional 24/7 

There is always help available. We recommend also reaching out to a supportive family member or friend to let them know that you are having these thoughts and ask for their assistance and support.

Life happens, we get it.✌ We are happy to reschedule you when needed.

We never overbook and truly value your time and appreciate that courtesy reciprocated for our provider's time as well.

You will be responsible for the entire out-of-pocket appointment fee if you do not notify us within the designated time frame.

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We accept Cigna and Magellan (Blue Advantage HMO) plans only.

If you are out of network or do not have insurance, we are happy to provide you a superbill that you can present to your insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement. This percentage varies by your insurance carrier but typically is around 50-70% reimbursement you can expect your insurance company to reimburse you directly for expenses paid for office visits.

We do accept HSA/FSA as forms of payment.

For self-pay or out-of-network patients, there are standard rates depending on the provider of whom you choose to see.

Dr. Ashley Toutounchi: Initial consultation: $450
Medication management follow-ups: $159.

Brandon Provost, NP:  Initial Consultation: $350
Follow-up appointments: $129.

Taeler Morris, PA-C:  Initial Consultation: $350
Follow-up appointments: $129.

We typically see patients monthly initially only until your treatment plan is stabilized and then as soon as possible will continue your care typically with visits once every 3 months.  Of course, you can always move up your appointment when needed.

For self pay or out of network patients, we are happy to provide you a superbill that you can submit to your insurance provider for out of network reimbursement.  This is when your insurance plan will reimburse you directly a portion of your out of pocket fees paid for your appointment.

You can find your specific insurance plan out of network benefit information typically in the Summary of Benefits in your information packet or your insurance company's website. The best way to be absolutely sure of your benefits is to clarify with your insurance company member services line. You can find this phone number on the back of your insurance card.

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Questions About Psychiatrists

In terms of a job, ending up being a psychiatrist offers a better salary, but psychologists may be a lot more employable simply due to the subspecialties they can enter. Psychiatrists can suggest medication in enhancement to offering therapy, whereas a lot of psychologists can just provide non-medical therapy.

From college to medical college and also with residency, it takes around 12 years of training to become a psychiatrist. This may seem like a long time, yet for many individuals who complete their psychiatrist education, the payback deserves the initiative.

If you think you are in need of a psychological drug for symptoms that you need help to alleviate that is created by a psychological condition, you are going to want to start out by speaking with a psychiatrist. If the problem you're wanting to address is relationship-focused,  you may find what you require from a psychologist.

Psychiatrists are clinical doctors, meaning they have to finish a bachelor's degree, medical degree, and also several years of a clinical residency before they can practice. Those can be demanding, tough, sleep-deprived years. These years are costly educational processes, but in most cases, very rewarding.

Although a bachelor's degree in psychology is a great choice for a hopeful psychiatrist, it does not prepare you to exercise this clinical specialty. In order to end up being a psychiatrist, you are required to finish a medical degree program, along with a 4- or 5-year residency in psychiatry.

When going to a psychiatrist, you will probably be there for 30 minutes to an hour. This usually happens once every 3 months. If you remain in the same state of mind that you were in prior to visiting your psychiatrist, or have particular problems or side effects with the drug you were prescribed, you will probably need to see the psychiatrist regularly. It all depends on your health and wellness.

Psychiatrists often tend to be much more appropriate for extreme psychological health and wellness treatment as they are able to suggest medicine alongside psychological treatment. Many psychologists can only offer non-medical treatment. However, psychologists are still very helpful for less extreme mental health and wellness issues.

A psychiatrist is able to perform psychiatric therapy and also prescribe medications along with other clinical treatments.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health, including substance abuse disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.

Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry Questions​

All visits with your Aura MD provider are currently performed through a secure online video visit currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Effective July 19, 2021, we are happy to see new or existing patients in the office if that is your preference.👌


We will continue to offer virtual appointments for patients who prefer that option.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care in the setting that you are most comfortable.

Aura MD offers a modernized approach focused on flexibility for patients, many of who often have busy work schedules, frequently travel, or live outside of the Houston area making travel to the office in person inconvenient.

Using our online psychiatry services, we can diagnose your symptoms and prescribe treatment options for your specific needs.

We love to see our patients but realize you aren’t always able to make it to our office in person.

Now, our patients can book an appointment online, meet with their provider and receive their prescriptions seamlessly.

Most laptops, tablets, and smartphones will have the equipment you need for your online visit.

Only things needed for your appointment:

  • Good Internet Connection
  • Camera accessible on you phone, tablet or computer
  • Headphones or speakers on your device

We take all of our patient's security very seriously.  AuraMD is fully HIPAA compliant, and all information is 100% private.

Questions About ADHD

Although the cause of ADHD is still unknown, research continues. Factors that may be involved in the development of ADHD include genetics, the environment or problems with the central nervous system at key moments in development.

Inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity are the key behaviors of ADHD. Some people with ADHD only have problems with one of the behaviors, while others have both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. Most children have the combined type of ADHD. In preschool, the most common ADHD symptom is hyperactivity.

One study found that people with ADHD, regardless if they have comorbidities or not, are more likely to attempt and complete suicide. [19]. Data consistently show that medical students have higher rates of suicidal thoughts, attempts, and plans than the rest of society.

Common triggers include: stress, poor sleep, certain foods and additives, overstimulation, and technology. You can identify the triggers for ADHD symptoms and make lifestyle changes to improve your control.

It's in coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, and other foods. A few studies have looked at how caffeine can affect ADHD symptoms, but the results have been mixed. Even though caffeine is a stimulant, it's not generally recommended as a treatment for ADHD because it hasn't proved to be as effective as prescription medications.

ADHD doesn't disappear because symptoms are less obvious. Its effects on the brain linger. Some adults with milder ADHD symptoms as children may have developed coping strategies that address their symptoms effectively enough to prevent ADHD interference in their daily lives.

Answer: Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD are related in several ways. ADHD is not on the autism spectrum, but they have some of the same symptoms. Having one condition increases your chances of getting the other.

ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. It is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (may act without thinking about what the result will be), or be overly active.

Young children are generally active, impulsive, and rambunctious. They love to run and climb, and they often play loudly. They squirm and fidget and love to be up and out, exploring the world around them. It is not unusual for kids to have trouble listening, remembering, and following directions.

ADHD has been identified by researchers as a major risk factor for premature death in adults. A study published in The Lancet showed that people with ADHD have a lower life expectancy and are more than twice as likely to die prematurely as those without the disorder.

Both disorders cause mood problems, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, and other symptoms. However, there are some differences. Emotions: ADHD moods are transient, precipitated by a setback. Depression is a common and persistent condition. Motivation: Individuals with ADHD are overwhelmed by deciding what to do first.

A popular misconception is that people with ADHD are always smarter and have a much higher IQ than people without ADHD. However, there is no correlation between this condition and intelligence.

Common foods that can trigger ADHD reactions include chocolate, milk, soy, eggs, tomatoes, grapes, and oranges. Talk to your ADHD doctor if you suspect that your child may have a food allergy.

Bananas are a staple in smoothies. They are high in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which aids the formation of neurotransmitters that influence behavior. Try making a fruit smoothie from fresh fruit and yogurt.

A: Mountain Dew, which is higher in caffeine (in the U.S.) than most all sodas, but not as high as coffee, seems to be beneficial for ADHD in children. It has natural flavors, and the yellow coloring used does not seem to affect kids as some artificial colorings do.

Untreated ADHD can cause problems throughout life. People with ADHD tend to be impulsive and have short attention spans, which can make it harder to succeed in school, at work, in relationships, and in other aspects of life.

The short answer is that ADHD does not happen suddenly in adults. To be eligible for ADHD diagnosis, you must have several symptoms in childhood that cause impairment. Specifically, signs of ADHD need to be evident before age 12. 2 Technically, ADHD doesn't develop in adulthood.

What is the worst age for ADHD symptoms? The symptoms of hyperactivity are typically most severe at age 7 to 8, gradually declining thereafter. Peak severity of impulsive behavior is usually at age 7 or 8.

Is it too early to determine if your preschooler or toddler has ADHD? Most children don't get ADHD tested until they reach school age. However, AAP guidelines state that ADHD can be diagnosed as early as 4 years old. Many children are active and impulsive at this age.

Is ADHD worsened with age? ADHD does not usually get worse with age, if the person is aware of the symptoms and knows how they can be managed.

ADHD is linked to other mental health issues that can also drive angry reactions. These include depression and oppositional defiant disorders (ODD). ADHD patients may also be suffering from undiagnosed learning difficulties. These challenges can cause stress.

ADHD is a disability under both the ADA as well as another law, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. However, there are strict stipulations. For instance, ADHD is considered a protected disability if it is severe and interferes with a person's ability to work or participate in the public sector.

Research suggests that there is no connection between ADHD and intelligence. There are no known links between ADHD intelligence. Some people still dispute this. ADHD can impact a person's ability at work and school.

ADHD people have a lot of energy and creativity, and often achieve more than those without the condition. ADHD can be interpreted as a person being lazy or dumb. ADHD has nothing to do with a person's intellectual ability. ADHD can affect highly intelligent people.

But years of medical research have shown that eating sugar doesn't cause ADHD or make kids more hyperactive. In one study, kids ate either sugar or a non-sugar substitute. Adults rated the children's activity by rating their food intake without knowing what they had eaten.

Sometimes parents make the same point about television: My child can sit and watch for hours -- he can't have A.D.H.D. A child's ability focus on a screen while not looking elsewhere is a sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

There is a lot of overlap between ADHD and Asperger’s symptoms. My experience shows that between 60 and 70 percent of Asperger's Syndrome children have symptoms that are compatible with an ADHD diagnosis. ADHD symptoms in PDD are so common that it technically subsumes ADHD.

Another speech issue connected with ADHD is speaking too quickly. This will sound almost as if the child's speech is slurred. This can be due to the cognitive impulsivity related to ADHD. This can be treated in a therapy session or a speech session. The child should draw slow, wavy lines while speaking.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may mask autism in children who have both conditions. Many of these children receive their autism diagnosis an average of four years later than those who have autism alone, suggests a new study.

Many children (perhaps as many as half) will outgrow their symptoms but others do not, so ADHD can affect a person into adulthood.

There are alterations in blood flow to various areas of the brains in people with ADHD compared to people who do not have ADHD, including decreased blood flow to certain prefrontal areas. A decreased blood flow means that brain activity is decreasing.

Failing to pay attention to details or constantly making careless mistakes. Having difficulty organizing tasks and activities. Often avoiding tasks that require mental effort over a long period of time. Often losing things necessary for tasks and activities (e.g. Keys, wallets, keys, and paperwork are all easily lost.)

ADHD adults may have difficulty focusing and prioritizing, which can lead to missed deadlines, forgotten meetings, or social plans. The inability to control impulses can range from impatience waiting in line or driving in traffic to mood swings and outbursts of anger.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which affects people's behavior, can cause them to have difficulty living a normal life.

There's no simple test to determine whether you have ADHD, but your specialist can make an accurate diagnosis after a detailed assessment. A physical exam may be part of the assessment, which can help rule other possible causes. a series of interviews with you or your child.

ADHD is a disorder that can last throughout a person's life. You can also read our companion article about adult ADHD. Research indicates that up to 60% of children with ADHD continue to have symptoms of restlessness and distractibility throughout the teen years and into adulthood.

Some studies have found that caffeine can boost concentration for people with ADHD. It is a stimulant drug and mimics some of the stimulants used to treat ADHD. However, caffeine is not as effective as prescription medications.

Math requires constant attention to remember facts and the sequence of steps. It also requires self-monitoring and checking for answers. Students with ADHD may find it difficult to focus or lose their way when trying to solve multiple math problems.

Questions About Anxiety

Psychiatrists often tend to be much more appropriate for extreme psychological health and wellness treatment as they can suggest medicine alongside psychological treatment. Many psychologists can only offer non-medical treatment. However, psychologists are still very helpful for less extreme mental health and wellness issues.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)

Psychiatrists often suggest an SSRI to patients struggling with an anxiousness disorder. This medicine obstructs particular afferent neurons from reabsorbing serotonin. The added serotonin relieves anxiousness and boosts mood.

Occasional stress and anxiety are OKAY. Yet there are multiple side effects that are created from anxiety. There are a plethora of mental diseases that trigger constant overwhelming anxiousness and mental concerns. Excessive stress and anxiety can make work near impossible, and can be set off by everyday events like family gatherings, social scenarios, and even everyday simple tasks, and can intensify your already pre-exposed symptoms.

The free worried system creates your fight-or-flight feedback, which is created to assist you to defend yourself or escape from risk. When you are under tension or distressed, this system kicks right into the action, as well as physical signs and symptoms can appear-- frustrations, nausea, shortness of breath, restlessness, or belly pain.

Anxiousness strikes typically peak within 10 mins, and also they seldom last greater than half an hour. However, throughout that short time, you may experience fear so serious that you really feel as if you will pass away or completely blow up.

Immediately: Look around you. Discover 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 points you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and also one point you can taste. Recognizing just how your body and mind job throughout these episodes can assist you create a much healthier feedback to frightening circumstances.

Common Triggers of a Stress And Anxiety Attack Distressing or difficult wellness issues, such as chronic health problem. Certain medications, such as contraceptive pill and coughing syrups. Adverse reasoning, particularly when you're dismayed or irritated. Bother with individual financial resources, job safety and security, and unforeseen bills.

By documenting your worries, you feel as though you're clearing your brain, and you really feel lighter and much less tense. Take some time to recognize your worries and also create them down. Check out the origins of your worries or issues. Once you recognize one of the most important things you fret around, ask on your own if your worries are solvable.

Recovery is possible with suitable treatment such as exposure treatment, focus training, and an array of stress and anxiety administration techniques that can aid you handle your symptoms. You can discover the adhering to methods on your own (making use of publications or enrolling, for example) or you can speak with an experienced professional.

There is a wide range of sources that could be causing your anxiousness, such as ecological variables like a work or individual connection, clinical conditions, traumatic previous experiences-- also genes contributes, directs out Medical Information Today. Seeing a specialist is a good primary step. You can not do it all alone.

Questions About Depression

While anxiety can be treated, as well as symptoms can be minimized, anxiety can not be "healed." Rather, remission is the goal. There's no widely approved meaning of remission, as it differs for every individual. Individuals might still have symptoms or damaged working with remission.

Cortisol and the amygdala. The influx of cortisol activated by clinical depression additionally causes the amygdala to increase its size. This is a part of the brain linked with psychological actions. When it becomes bigger as well as a lot more active, it creates sleep disturbances, adjustments in task degrees, as well as modifications in various other hormones.

A study suggests that anxiety does not springtime from simply having excessive or too little of certain brain chemicals. Instead, there are several possible sources of clinical depression, including damaged state of mind policy by the brain, hereditary susceptibility, stressful life events, medications, as well as medical troubles.

Clinical depression can likewise create a decrease in cravings that at some point results in unintentional weight loss. Some people may consider this a favorable side result, yet sudden or extreme weight management can place your wellness at risk.

In August, a drug called esketamine was accepted by the FDA to treat depressive signs and symptoms in grownups with major depressive disorder (MDD) with intense suicidal ideation or actions. Esketamine is the first as well as an only authorized drug that has actually revealed a decrease in depressive signs within 24 hr of taking it.

As several as 15% of people don't reply to antidepressants, and also 40% just obtain partial alleviation. If your depression isn't alleviated with medicine, it's called treatment-resistant anxiety. The excellent information is, Dr. Hadi Estakhri at Allied Psychiatry and also Mental Wellness offers wish for those with this kind of problem.

A clinically depressed individual's mind does not operate generally, yet it can recoup, according to a study published in the August 11 concern of Neurology, the American Academy of Neurology's scientific journal. Researchers measured the mind's responsiveness using magnetic excitement over the mind as well as targeted muscle mass activity.

Researches show that clinical depression can result in heart illness, make heart problem worse, as well as make it harder to recoup from issues of cardiovascular disease. Anxiety can also increase your danger of having a heart assault.

Not just do institutions often add to depression, anxiety can additionally disrupt college. Furthermore, a research study reveals that 75 percent of all mental health conditions start by age 24. For this reason, the college years are an important time for understanding as well as chatting regarding teen psychological health and wellness.

Final thoughts: The findings recommend that self-reported characteristics do not transform after a typical episode of significant clinical depression. Future studies are needed to figure out whether such adjustment takes place adhering to much more severe, chronic, or recurrent episodes of depression.

Questions About Bipolar Disorder

Aspects that might increase the danger of creating bipolar affective disorder or act as a trigger for the initial episode include: Having a first-degree loved one, such as a mom and dad or brother or sister, with bipolar affective disorder. Durations of high stress and anxiety, such as the death of an enjoyed one or various other terrible events. Medicine or alcoholic abuse.

Bipolar problem is unusual in the basic populace, as is extremely high intelligence, so examining huge numbers of people is needed for reputable discovery of any organization between both.

Bipolar might worsen with age or overtime if this condition is left neglected. As time takes place, a person might experience episodes that are much more severe as well as a lot more regular than when symptoms initially showed up.

People with bipolar experience both episodes of severe anxiety, and also episodes of mania-- overwhelming delight, excitement or joy, significant power, a minimized demand for sleep, as well as minimized restraints. The experience of bipolar is distinctly individual. No 2 people have exactly the exact same experience.

Although the signs reoccur, bipolar affective disorder normally calls for lifetime therapy as well as does not vanish on its very own. Bipolar affective disorder can be a crucial factor in suicide, work loss, as well as family members' discord, however, proper treatment brings about far better outcomes.

So no, not everyone who has bipolar affective disorder understands they have it. There are great deals of reasons that somebody with the bipolar affective disorder could not recognize it-- or why they might reject having it even if they do.

Bipolar disorder is extensively thought to be the outcome of chemical inequalities in the mind. The chemicals in charge of regulating the mind's features are called natural chemicals and consist of noradrenaline, serotonin as well as dopamine.

Bipolar affective disorder is taken into consideration as a disability under the ADA, much like the loss of sight or several sclerosis. You might likewise receive Social Safety benefits if you can not work.

Bipolar illness is often inherited, with hereditary variables accounting for around 80% of the cause of the problem. Bipolar illness is one of the most likely psychological disorders to be given by family. If one mom and dad has the bipolar affective disorder, there's a 10% chance that their youngster will create the disease.

Lots of people with bipolar illness have loved ones with various other states of mind, anxiousness, and also psychotic problems (such as depression or schizophrenia). These conditions might run in households partly since they share some hereditary risk factors with bipolar disorder.

Questions About Insomnia

Rest stress and anxiety is a sensation of anxiety or worry about going to rest. Stress and anxiety are the most usual psychological wellness disorder in the UNITED STATE Research study suggest that many individuals with psychological health problems such as anxiety additionally have some form of sleep disturbance.

Severe sleeping disorders last from 1 evening to a couple of weeks. Sleeping disorders is chronic when it takes place a minimum of 3 evenings a week for 3 months or more.

Usual reasons for sleep problems consist of tension, an irregular sleep timetable, poor resting behaviors, psychological health conditions like stress and anxiety as well as anxiety, physical diseases and also discomfort, medications, neurological issues, as well as particular rest problems.

Three sorts of sleep problems are intense, short-term, and also persistent sleeplessness. Sleeplessness is specified as repeated difficulty with rest initiation, maintenance, combination, or high quality that occurs despite sufficient time and opportunity for sleep and results in some form of daytime problems.

Sleep problems are triggered by trouble going to sleep, trouble remaining asleep, or getting up also early in the early morning. Insomnia is rarely an isolated clinical or mental disorder but rather a sign of another illness to be checked out by a person as well as their medical doctors.

If you don't rest, your drowsiness will proceed to get worse until you can lastly get some rest. Resting for 1 to 2 hrs can reduce sleep pressure and make you feel less exhausted in the morning than you or else would by remaining up all night.

When to visit the health center Typically, an individual will certainly not be hospitalized for most types of sleeping disorders. Nonetheless, when a lack of rest causes an accident or other bodily harm, the client could be admitted to the medical facility for therapy of a condition arising from sleep problems.

Insomnia. Sleep problems, the failure to reach sleep or rest well during the night, can be brought on by stress and anxiety, jet lag, a wellness condition, the drugs you take, or even the quantity of coffee you consume alcohol. Sleeplessness can likewise be caused by other sleep disorders or mood conditions such as anxiousness and depression.

It's the most usual rest disorder, yet frequently goes undiagnosed and also untreated, according to a new record. The consequences can be far more major than daytime drowsiness. Research has actually connected sleeplessness to hypertension, heart disease, diabetic issues, as well as various other disorders.

Cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) can aid you control or eliminate unfavorable thoughts and also activities that keep you awake and also are usually recommended as the very first line of treatment for individuals with sleeplessness. Typically, CBT-I is just as or much more efficient than rest drugs.

Questions About Wellness & Weight

Finest Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure. The very best non-surgical weight loss treatment on the marketplace takes place to be the stomach balloon. It is completely non-surgical and also minimally intrusive to the body. There are no lacerations or little holes in the body.

Just put, you can shed 20 extra pounds in a number of months by consuming fewer calories than you do currently and working out strongly for three to 5 hours each week utilizing resistance training, interval training, and cardio training.

Since water quickly restricts calories, you will lose a great deal of weight promptly. In truth, a research study reveals that you might shed up to 2 pounds (0.9 kg) every day of a 24- to 72-hour water quick (7 ).

However long-term data recommend lap band clients lose regarding half the quantity of weight as bypass or sleeve patients. To be clear, also shedding 10 percent of one's body weight (the average fat burning with lap banding) can boost wellness results, however, it's a lot less than the other weight-loss surgical procedures.

The answer, of training course, is that nourishment is directly associated with one's general health and wellbeing in a pivotal way. What we took into our bodies has a direct effect on the upkeep of our health, variations in our health, as well as our ability to recover once again after a duration of a less active way of life or disease.

These diet plans highlight entire, basic foods that nurture the body as well as advocate consuming vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds as well as some fruits, while cutting grains, sugar, alcohol, and dairy.

A healthy and balanced diet regimen throughout life promotes healthy and balanced maternity results, supports typical development, development, and aging, assists to preserve a healthy body weight, and also minimizes the risk of persistent disease leading to general health as well as wellness.

Poor diets, scientists state, contribute to aggravating mood disorders, such as anxiety and also depression. However, diet plans abundant in vegetables and olive oil, such as the Mediterranean diet, can enhance signs and symptoms of clinical depression and stress, and anxiety.

So a 200-pound individual that wishes to lose 2 extra pounds a week will determine that they require to remove 1,000 calories a day. Maintain this up and you can lose 50 pounds in 25 weeks! Always consume at least 1,200 calories a day. If you need to cut out more calories to fulfill your objective, do so by melting them through the workout.

You need to burn 3500 calories a day to lose one extra pound a day, as well as you need anywhere between 2000 as well as 2500 calories in a day if you are doing your routine activities. That suggests you need to starve on your own the entire day as well as workout as high as to lose the remaining calories.

Questions About Women's Health

An obstetrician supplies children, whereas a gynecologist does not. An obstetrician will ensure you have healthy and balanced maternity and that you supply a healthy and balanced infant. Obstetricians are additionally educated to deal with pregnancy problems, such as Ectopic maternity, in which the fetus grows beyond the uterus.

Female health specialists include main healthcare service providers with females' health training, OB/GYN, and medical professionals with ladies' wellness training, consisting of oncologists, cardiologists, psychoanalysts, and neurologists. There is a fantastic need for and also a reduced supply of vital females' health and wellness specialty services.

Mental health: Evidence recommends that ladies are much more vulnerable than men to experience anxiety, depression, and somatic grievances-- physical signs and symptoms that can not be described clinically. Anxiety is the most usual psychological health issue for females as well as self-destruction a leading cause of fatality for women under 60.

Because women represent the keystone of a family's general health, guaranteeing they have accessibility to quality treatment likewise can cause enhanced health and wellness for kids and family members.

A ladies' health test consists of a full physical examination, including a medical bust and pelvic test along with health screenings, blood examinations, vaccinations, and education or therapy so you can make informed healthcare choices.

A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is thought about obese. A BMI of 30 as well as above is taken into consideration overweight. People that come under the BMI range of 25 to 34.9, and also have a waistline size of over 40 inches for males and 35 inches for females, are thought-about to be at particularly high risk for health and wellness problems.

Women's wellness describes the branch of medicine that concentrates on the therapy and also diagnosis of diseases as well as problems that impact a lady's physical and also psychological well-being.

A GYN appointment is an annual medical examination-- like a normal eye examination or dental checkup. Doctors often call GYN check-ups "well female brows through" because they're designed to maintain you healthy by catching small concerns before they transform right into big ones. This can be also done before you recognize you have a problem.

During your health test, you might get testing for cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, mammogram, pap test, weakening of bones, or Sexually transmitted diseases. Your physician might ask you concerning current stress, physical activity, diet, or substance abuse such as cigarettes as well as alcohol.

Many females with Turner syndrome can not get pregnant normally. Those that can are in danger for blood pressure-related problems, which can lead to early birth or fetal growth limitation.

Questions About DNA Genetic Testing

Three kinds of genetic origins screening are typically made use of for ancestry: Y chromosome screening. Variations in the Y chromosome passed specifically from father to son can be made use of to discover ancestry in the straight male line. Y chromosome testing can only be done on men, due to the fact that women do not have a Y chromosome.

What else might make your ancestry results incorrect? The results are more skewed by the reality that particular ancestry details pens utilized by any kind of certain test might originate from just your concerned line (Y chromosome) or your mother's line (mitochondrial DNA). Examinations making use of these markers are much less precise.

When you take the Ancestry DNA examination, since half-siblings just share 25% of their DNA, they may be classified as your initial relative. Yet, if you share a higher amount of centimorgans, after that your half-sibling will be listed as a close loved one.

For much less than $100, people can uncover their ancestry as well as uncover potentially dangerous genetic mutations. Concerning 12 million Americans have purchased these packages in the last few years. But DNA testing isn't risk-free-- vice versa. The kits endanger people's privacy, physical wellness, as well as financial wellness.

For even more cousin matches from around the world, MyHeritage is a much better selection due to their big international consumer data source. And with its connection to the Ancestry website, AncestryDNA also boasts many even more online family history and even more conventional research study data sources to expand your search even additionally.

The examination results are not analysis as well as do not identify your overall opportunity of developing an illness or wellness problem. The tests are unclear or approved by the U.S. FDA.

When it pertains to mapping your roots with your genetics, biological brother or sisters might have much less in typical than many individuals anticipate.

No. A genetic examination can not detect or spot autism. That's due to the fact that myriad genes together with environmental variables might underlie the condition. Roughly 100 genetics have clear ties to autism, but no solitary gene causes autism every single time it is mutated.

Yes, a DNA paternity examination can be incorrect. Similar to all tests, there is always the opportunity that you will certainly receive incorrect results. No examination is 100 percent precise. Human mistakes and also various other elements can create the results to be wrong.

With each generation, your DNA divides. So, for a 1% DNA outcome, you would certainly be taking a look at around 7 generations.

Payment Policy

Medical services are provided by AuraMD.

We currently accept health insurance plans on a limited basis and those are Cigna and Magellan Behavioral Health Plans.

Accepted insurance plans are applicable to psychiatric services.  We do accept HSA/FSA cards as a method of payment.

If your plan is not listed, we are more than happy to provide you with a form/superbill to submit to your insurance company.

Your insurance provider will then reimburse you directly for compensation for services provided by Aura MD as an out-of-network provider, per the details of your insurance contract.  Out-of-network reimbursement percentages vary and advise that you call your insured provider directly to confirm your benefits. 

Why does Aura MD only take a limited number of insurance plans?

Insurance companies can require detailed information about a patient’s psychiatric and medical history as a condition of payment. One method to circumvent this process is to see a physician that is not contracted with your insurance company.

We realize the challenges with the increasing cost of health care to patients.  Safety and confidentiality are crucial for successful treatment- principles we never compromise.  Our office is straightforward, accommodating and designed to allow our time to be spent with patients.

These are just a few thoughts to keep in mind when initiating care with our practice and understand the true value of the principles we align our practice with- quality healthcare that is individualized for you!

As the highest rated psychiatrist office in Houston, we look forward with providing you an unparalleled and renewed approach to managing your health.

Highest Rated Psychiatrist in Texas

An Elevated Level of Modernized and Élite Psychiatric Care.

Experience For Yourself the Difference.
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