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Patients who visit Aura MD can rest assured that they will be treated with utmost patience and encouragement. Our top priority is to ensure patients are provided the highest quality of psychiatric care. Our patients can look forward to a warm and encouraging environment while seeking treatment for their mental health problems.

Treatment For ADHD In Adults At Aura MD

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Adult ADHD

Could ADHD be holding you back from performing at your best?
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Take Control of Your Anxiety and Live Freely.
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Control Your Depression and Get Back on Track.
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DNA Genetic Testing

Discover the medications that are the best fit for you through GeneSight Testing.
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Refresh Yourself! Chronic Insomnia has adverse health effects.
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Wellness & Weight

Achieve Your Optimal Health- Mentally and Physically!
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Women's Health

Could Hormonal Changes Be Affecting Your Mood?
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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Can Make Life Complicated. Let Us Help.
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