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Did you know that an estimated 17.3 million American adults have at least a major depressive episode, representing 7.1 percent of the U.S. adult population? Depression not only causes feelings of sadness or self-loathing, but also can lead to suicidal actions, fatigue, and other worrying symptoms that negatively impact your health as well as the quality of life. This mental illness can affect anyone at any age, but people aged 40 to 49 show the greatest risk. Sadly, about 80 percent of individuals with depression don’t receive treatment. If you’ve depression, it is important that you identify what’s causing it in order to help manage and alleviate it. A psychiatrist can help you determine the cause of your depression and go-ahead to treat it.

Depression and Well-Being

When you suffer from depression, it can affect your health in various ways. You may have feelings of sadness and emptiness that hold you down from indulging in activities that can improve your mood. For instance, you may avoid interacting with others, getting outdoors, or exercising. Additionally, depression can affect your work productivity or performance. And if left untreated, depression will ruin every part of your social life.

Besides affecting your social life, depression also impacts your physical health. You have an increased risk of having heart disease or diabetes complications if your depression isn’t treated. You may be obese if you are depressed because you’re not exercising.

You can think of depression as cancer that metastasizes and destroys anything, everything you hold close.

What Causes Depression

Many things can cause depression including conflict, abuse, serious illnesses, death or loss, and genetics. You may also have depression after a major life event like graduating or relocating to a new place. In addition to substance abuse, certain medications you take can cause depression.

Depression Treatment

Psychiatrists offer different kinds of treatments to patients with depression. A psychiatrist may prescribe medication if needed to help treat symptoms you’re experiencing such as anxiety. A combination of psychotherapy and drugs tends to work better.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also referred to as CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at thought patterns or behaviors that may be causing depression. During treatment, a psychiatrist will identify those negative thoughts and the way they cause your depression. After that, your psychiatrist works closely with you to help replace the negative thoughts with a more positive outlook. Additionally, CBT may help identify the triggers to behavioral issues you are struggling with so that the cycle leading to depression can be broken. Seeing a psychiatrist helps alleviate depression symptoms fast – within 10 to 20 sessions.

Benefits of Visiting a Psychiatrist

Seeing a psychiatrist can help with your depression. It helps boost your self-esteem and enhances your mood. Moreover, it helps promote your physical health.

Health Benefits

When you are able to control stress and depression, it helps improve your cardiovascular health. It also helps lower your risk of having a chronic disease. Your confidence begins to grow as you start understanding your depression. So, you may realize other health benefits such as the desire to socialize, increased appetite, and the need to exercise more often – you regain positive momentum.

Ensures Confidentiality

You may perceive your depression as a weakness making you shy off from seeking professional help. A psychiatrist offers a confidential way to help deal with your depression. You learn how to control and alleviate the negative thought patterns and the psychiatrist keeps your treatment confidential.

However, if the psychiatrist feels that keeping your treatment and condition confidential may risk causing harm to yourself or others, he or she may break the confidentiality. So seeking professional help allows you to walk a path that makes your tomorrow brighter and better off.

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