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Online Psychiatrist Appointments in Fort Worth

Psychiatry eVisits

Aura MD comprises a team of board-certified psychiatrists who are focused on making sure that people struggling with mental health issues get the help they need in a convenient and relaxed setting.

The team at Aura MD leverages the use of the internet to boost communication and also to bring psychiatry health services closer to residents in and around Fort Worth. The Fort Worth online psychiatrist at Aura MD offers a better approach to psychiatry and mental health services by making sure that patients have access to their board-certified psychiatrists from the comfort of their homes, offices, or anywhere at all.

Through the introduction of psychiatrist e-visit, patients can now cut down on the stress and hassles associated with each psychiatry appointment while also being able to connect to their mental healthcare professional from anywhere they are.

With the introduction of telemedicine services by the team at Aura MD, patients will now enjoy better access while also overcoming the common problems associated with their physical presence at the psychiatry office.

Some of the advantages that patients stand to enjoy from choosing the telemedicine psychiatry services offered by Aura MD in Fort Worth include;

No Travel Time or Costs

Patients who live in areas surrounding Fort Worth, TX may find the commute into the city as well as the costs associated with the commute to be a problem. however, with the telemedicine services offered at Aura MD, they now have a better chance to enjoy the same great services while cutting down on the costs associated with their physical presence at the psychiatrist’s office.

Faster Psychiatry Appointments

One of the biggest issues faced by patients is the wait time required to schedule an appointment as well as to see a qualified and board-certified psychiatrist. Here at Aura MD, we are able to cut down on such wait times by offering you a quicker appointment as well as faster access to a qualified psychiatrist when needed.

With the psychiatrist e-visit, you stand a chance to enjoy faster access to a psychiatrist during an episode that requires immediate attention.

More Privacy

One of the biggest factors that aid the effectiveness of online psychiatry services is that patients are more comfortable in their homes or anywhere from where they are communicating with their psychiatrist. With this level of privacy, patients are able to open up more and also deal with certain issues that may be triggers for their mental health struggles.

Far more than this, the Aura MD video conferencing platform is one that is safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant which means that all data are encrypted. Patients can rest assured that all of their conversations and data with the psychiatrist is safe and private

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Fort Worth, TX residents who wish to take advantage of the Aura MD’s telepsychiatry service can rest assured that they will have access to a wide range of services including mental health assessment, psychological testing and evaluation, cognitive therapy, counseling services, diagnosis of mental health condition, as well as prescription of medication for the treatment of mental health issues.

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