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Seeking psychiatric help is a brave and courageous first step for anyone, but it’s especially true when the person doesn’t know what to expect. For many people,  stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary no matter where you’re going or with whom you’ll meet. 

Most of our patients at Aura MD tell us how comfortable and at ease they feel at their first appointment as Aura MD providers and staff are refreshingly friendly, approachable and relatable.

To ensure you are prepared for your first visit with a psychiatrist, in this article we’ve put together some helpful tips that can help you get the most out of your first visit. 🙌🏼

Psychiatrist Recommendations:

The psychiatrist will usually ask you to make a list of all the medications that you have taken, and if they were effective or helpful and any issues like side effects you may have experienced.

They may also want to know about any other medical conditions with which you are being treated or diagnosed. It is important for them to know as much information before their evaluation to fully understand your symptoms and have an informed starting point for treatment plan.

When visiting your psychiatric doctor, you need to be aware of your medical history. Like any other medical professional that you visit, your psychiatric doctor is interested in your medical history to better understand your overall health.

Your psychiatrist  may also review or order blood work if needed.

Psychiatrist Tips:

Your psychiatrist will want to know how you are feeling and what is going on in your life, including if there has been any change lately or the last few months.

In other words, it’s an opportunity to ask all those questions that haven’t been answered by other doctors yet.

It is important to be as honest and open at your appointment because this will help your mental health provider find the best treatment plan to get you back to feeling your best again.

Psychiatrist Appointment Details

You may want to include any information that you think might be relevant for the psychiatrist, including medications or treatments you have been taking.  Other helpful information is any family history of mental health problems and if applicable, prior psychiatric care (including diagnosis, treatment, and psychiatrist).

Psychiatrist Expectations:

Going into the psychiatrist appointment with an open mind and not feeling judged is essential for a positive experience. You should expect to be asked about your moods, thoughts, feelings, relationships with others, substance abuse habits (if applicable), social life/life goals, and anything else that may be affecting your mental health.   

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