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Since it’s hard to describe ADHD to someone who doesn’t have it, ADHD is often misunderstood, leaving patients feeling frustrated and isolated. To better support your friends, family, and colleagues living with ADHD, here are some comments to avoid. 

“ADHD Is Not a Real Disorder”

This comment tops the list of what not to say to someone with ADHD. From the American Psychiatric Association to the National Institute of Mental Health, every major medical body recognizes ADHD as a legitimate condition. 

Dismissing ADHD as “fake” only trivializes the illness. 

“Only Kids Can Have ADHD”

While, ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children, around 4.4% of US adults have ADHD, which means it’s often a lifelong condition. 

In fact, the demands of regular adult life can feel overwhelming to adults with the condition, so it’s vital that they feel supported by those around them.   

We All Have a Little ADHD

This is a classic example of what not to say to someone with ADHD. Being forgetful or inattentive sometimes is not the same as suffering from ADHD. 

Unless you’re living with ADHD, it’s challenging to understand what it’s like, but think of it as having multiple browser tabs open at once with no way to close them down, or focus on one at a time.   

People With ADHD Are Lazy

Patients with ADHD have trouble concentrating, which makes it harder for them to complete tasks. They may struggle to complete routine jobs, like filing or admin, because their brains crave constant excitement and stimulus. 

However, these symptoms manifest from a developmental disorder, not laziness. 

You Don’t Need Medication for ADHD

Patients with ADHD often require medication to help them function and perform at their best. Although there are many treatment options available for adults with ADHD, medication remains one of the most effective ways to manage the condition and improve a patient’s quality of life.

How to Talk to Someone With ADHD

If you’re worried about what to say to someone with ADHD, here are some pointers you may find helpful. 

Take Control of Your ADHD

With an accurate diagnosis and the right support, you can live your best life and reach your fullest potential. To learn more about adult ADHD, or to discuss your symptoms and the treatment options available to you, book an appointment with AuraMD today.

Do You Need Help With Your ADHD, Or Think You May Have ADHD?

If you or someone you know if dealing with ADHD like symptoms, or if you know you have ADHD, and need the assistance of an licensed psychiatric practioner who can help you through the process, call Aura MD today. Our award winning mental health professionals are ready and waiting to help you through your time of need! Call us today at (832) 430-2872 or click here to schedule your appointment!

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