5 Things You Need To Know About Adult ADHD

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1. There's more than one type of ADHD

As a society, we tend to focus on the hyperactive and impulsive symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD). However, there are actually three main types: predominantly inattentive ADD; people with this type experience difficulty focusing or paying attention but can still stay mostly calm.  Women with Adult ADHD are more commonly the inattentive type.

Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive ADHD is characterized by being constantly restless and making decisions impulsively. 

Finally combined subtype ADD includes both traits. Many children diagnosed with hyperactive type of ADHD have a combined subtype diagnosis as adults.


2. Look for a Psychiatrist that Specializes in Adult ADHD

Screening might not be enough for a correct adult adhd diagnosis.

The adult ADHD symptoms that are typically seen in adults (e.g., short attention span, distractibility, fidgeting) are less likely to be noticed in adult ADHD self-reports or adult ADHD screening. Adult ADHD is often missed or misdiagnosed as many patients think ADHD symptoms that are present are “normal” (e.g., it’s normal for people not to remember everything they read or have trouble focusing at work).

If you did  were never diagnosed in childhood but still have trouble managing your attention and focus as an adult, it s important to see a psychiatrist that specializes in adult ADHD treatment. If in doubt, make sure someone who can do adult adhd testing examines you – adult psychiatrists and adult ADHD specialists at Aura MD are good places to start looking.

3. There is no ADHD "cure."
But, skip to #5 to hear the good news

There is adult adhd treatment, adult ADHD medication, adult ADHD therapy, adult adhd coaching but there is no adult ADHD cure. This can be frustrating to hear if you have gone your whole life without help and feel that adult ADHD has been holding you back.

4. Adults with untreated adhd have a harder time managing day to day tasks.

Adults with untreated adult adhd symptoms have a harder time in life than adults who are able to control their ADHD through medication or therapy.There are many adult ADHD myths and adult ADHD misunderstandings, but adult ADHD is not all “in your head.” Adults with adult ADHD symptoms report lower quality of life, less success, fewer friends and lesser overall adult outcomes than their same age non-ADHD peers (p<0.001).

This is important because even if you feel like you do ok despite your symptoms or think that they don’t affect you life as an adult as much, adult ADHD symptoms can still be a major source of adult ADHD frustration for you and the people around you at home and work.

5. ADHD can be treated.

Adult adhd can be successfully treated with various medications. 

 Aura MD specializes in ADHD treatment, adult adhd medication, adult ADHD therapy for adults and more. Successful adult ADHD treatment will hopefully help you better succeed in adult life and adult relationships with your ongoing adult ADHD challenges.

Medications for adult ADHD treatment are typically taken at the beginning of your day, some common medications used that are extended release options are Adderall XR of Vyvanse. 

 If you need adult ADHD treatment, it’s best to talk with someone who can prescribe adult ADHD treatment medication that are the right fit for you.

Book your consultation with Aura MD to see if Adult ADHD could be affecting you.


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