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How To Choose A Psychiatrist To Treat ADHD?

Children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder face several challenges in their childhood years including problems in social situations and schools. In fact, comprehensive treatment is key to reduce the symptoms of the condition. Your child’s primary care doctor may encourage you to see a wide variety of mental health, pediatric, and education specialists to treat his/her condition.

Here is a list of some of the specialists who can help manage your child’s ADHD condition:

Primary Care Doctor

Once you suspect that your child has ADHD, you should first make an appointment with his/her primary care doctor. The primary care doctor can be a pediatrician or a general practitioner (GP). If the primary care doctor diagnoses your child with ADHD, he or she may prescribe medication. They may also refer the child to a mental health specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. The mental health specialist will offer counseling to help manage the symptoms of your child by developing certain coping strategies.


A psychologist has a degree in psychology and will provide training in social skills and behavior modification therapy. The professional will help the child understand and manage his/her symptoms and test his/her IQ. In some states of the country, a psychologist can prescribe medications for ADHD. In case the psychologist is in a state where he/she cannot prescribe medications, he or she will refer your child to a healthcare provider who can evaluate if the child needs medication.


A psychiatrist has the necessary skills and training to treat a wide variety of mental health conditions including ADHD. They will diagnose the condition, prescribe medications, and provide counseling therapy for your child. You should always rely on a psychiatrist who has experience in treating kids.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is usually a registered nurse with advanced training at the doctoral or master’s level. These professionals are licensed and certified by the state in which they treat patients. A psychiatric nurse practitioner can diagnose, offer therapeutic interventions, and prescribe medications for illnesses. They are also licensed and certified in the area of mental health to diagnose ADHD and prescribe medications to treat the condition.

Social Worker

Social workers usually have a degree in social work. They are equipped to help your child cope with certain challenges that arise in daily life. The professional can assess your kid’s mood and behavior patterns and help them develop certain coping strategies to manage the condition. That way your child will be more successful in social situations. Social workers cannot prescribe medications, but they will refer your child to a healthcare provider who is qualified to prescribe medications.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Most kids with ADHD will have challenges with speech and language development. If your child has such issues, he or she should be referred to a speech-language pathologist. They will help your child develop better planning, organization, study skills, and become more effective in social situations.

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